Christophe Rocca Serra

Chief Executive Officer

A career in entrepreneurialism

Christophe is a true entrepreneur, born in 1964. As a Business School graduate, he has founded and managed a number of companies in the financial services sector.

He also worked as a Partner for almost 20 years in various consulting firms for international customers.

Christophe created tallano technologie in 2012 and is behind the various patents.

Jean-Louis Juchault

Managing Partner

An entrepreneur passionate about cars

Jean-Louis, born in 1961, is a multiple-entrepreneur and father of three children.

Having trained as a legal expert, he created and managed a number of financial asset management companies between 1990 and 2016.

As a fan of cars and mechanics, Jean-Louis is a regular participant in car races.



Philippe Harache

Philippe Harache (Chairman of the Supervisory Board) graduated from the polytechnic institute of advanced sciences, holds a Masters 2 degree from IAE Paris and an Advanced Management Program diploma from Harvard University. He started his career at Aérospatiale as an engineer in the helicopter division, before being appointed executive officer of the Asia-Pacific zone in Hong Kong, then director of Samaero (Singapore subsidiary). He was appointed chief of staff to the CEO of Eurocopter in 1992 before becoming deputy CEO of Eurocopter Holdings in 1993. From 1994 to 2001 he was chairman of the board of Eurocopter International before becoming Vice President of Eurocopter SAS in 2001. He left in 2010.

Guillaume Faury

Guillaume Faury graduated from Polytechnique, Sup Aero, EPNER and has a Masters 2 from IAE in Aix-en-Provence. He started at the flight test centre in Istres before being appointed assistant manager of the helicopter division at Eurocopter. He has been manager of the commercial helicopter flight test department, director of the commercial helicopter business centre, member of the executive board and director of commercial programmes in charge of R&D. He then joined PSA as Deputy Technical and Industrial Director, then Board Member and R&D Director. In 2013, he was appointed CEO of Eurocopter. In February 2018, Guillaume took over as head of the commercial aviation branch of Airbus.

Marina Groenberg

Marina Grönberg graduated in applied mathematics from Moscow University, in economics from the Finance and Economics Institute and in law from Moscow State Law Academy. Marina is president of Global Logistic Partnership Ltd., SPAR Retail CJSC, MD of A&NN Advisor Ltd., MD of Lynwood (Schweiz) AG and President of A&NN US, Inc. She is also a Board Member of Polymetal International Plc, A&NN Investments Ltd., Azbuka-Atticus Publishing Ltd., Hachette Atticus Publishing Ltd., Marenco Swisshelicopter Ltd., MigCredit LLC, Mozaik Holdings Ltd., NexWafe GmbH, PIK Group PJSC, Unitrans Logistic Ltd., Waterstone's Holdings Ltd., Zhelezobeton OAO, A&NN Capital Management Fund Ltd., and Euroset Holdings Ltd. Ms Grönberg was previously President of ALPHA TRUST Mutual Fund & Alternative Invt Fd Management SA and MD of Infinis Ltd.

Patrick Ponsolle

Patrick holds degrees from Ecole Normale Supérieure, ENA and Sciences Po Paris. He was responsible for international development at Compagnie de Suez (1983-94), Executive Chairman of Eurotunnel (1996-01), Vice Chairman of Morgan Stanley International, Chairman of Morgan Stanley France (2001-09), Vice Chairman of Rothschild in Europe (2009-14), member of the Supervisory Board of PAI and member of the consultative committee of Amundi (since 2016).

Bert Stegkemper

Bert is a reputed engineer with long experience in the aeronautical (Airbus) and rail (Alstom) industries in Germany and France. He has held a number of operational and management positions and sits on various boards. Bert currently acts as a consultant and coach to a number of industrial partners for complex projects.